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  Is Your Website Turning Off Customers?

Whether for impromptu guests or a party planned months beforehand, you’d probably spend some amount of time making sure your home was neat and presentable. Are you doing the same with your company’s website?

Are you creating a user-friendly, engaging experience for your website’s target viewers? One look at the site statistics should tell you clearly. What pages are your visitors using? What browsers? Are you delivering the content needs of today’s viewers or for the viewers when your site last launched?

Content, visual design, and navigation are the three critical elements of any website. Are you sharing new content to keep current and interested viewers coming back? Does your design reflect your current brand personality? And are users able to find what they’re looking for as intuitively as possible?

Not long ago, it was enough just to have a web presence. Buy the URL, stick the company logo on there and an About Us page. No longer. Today’s Internet user will access the web while she eats breakfast, on her way to work, at work, and then at home before going to bed. Obviously ecom and news organizations know the value of updating web content in real time; but even the most conservative companies can be held back by ignoring their web presence. Content must be searchable, and the navigation should be updated for a mobile-viewing audience.

We’re proud to help small companies create a valuable web experience, and we spend a lot of time finding our our clients’ needs before we even begin working on their site. As you’ve notice, we recently took our own advice and updated the Push10 site. We’ve added new clients, case studies, and even some new services. As always, you can visit the Creative Attic twice a month for new blog posts where we share what we’re looking at, thinking about and talking about in the office and on the Internet. We’re proud of the new look at Push10, and we look forward to helping other businesses evolve their digital experience to meet the needs of today’s web browser.